Dirty panty stories

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This story from Dirtydownunder has been read 2 5 8 2 1 times. Carol had organised the bbq as a meet and greet for all the people in their internet chat room. Bob was eager to go and to meet Carol, as they had often chatted in the chat room and had even been on cam together a few times and on these occassions on cam, Carols eldest daughter had often imposed herself into the chat and didn't seem to care that Bob and Carol were chatting about fucking all the time, to the contrary, she seemed to be eager to be involved in all the flashing and dirty talk that was going on between them.

Carol had 3 daughters and Bob could not stop thinking about all the dirty panties in their household and how much he would love to smell and taste them. Ever since Bob was a kid, he had had a fetish for dirty panties, and would always check for dirty panty stories left in bathrooms when he visited anyones house. He would pick them up and check first to see if they were moist or crusty, then a quick sniff to see if they smelt like pussy or if they had the bitter, pungent smell of piss.

Dirty panty stories

If they smelled like pussy, he would lick the crotch, savouring the salty, tangy taste, before rubbing the crotch of the panties all over his cock. On a few occassions, he was even brave enough to steal them, and he ended up with a nice little collection of stolen dirty panties. One of his favourite things to do, was to wrap them around his cock and pull up his pants, returning to socialize and would get very turned on by talking to the owner of the panties while he secretly had them stuffed in his pants, then he would excuse himself for the bathroom again and return them before leaving.

At the bbq, Bob met all 3 of Carols daughters and could barely contain his excitement, or his erection, at the thought of how good their panties would smell.

Dirty panty stories

He had already been invited by Carol, within the first 10 minutes after arrival, to finger her wet pussy in a secluded spot in the park, which he had eagerly accepted and decided her taste and smell was magnificent. In their many chats, Carol had made it obvious that she was a complete slut, detailing many of the sexcapades she had enjoyed and Bob couldn't wait to the list. They hit it off well and Carol made it quite clear she was interested in more than just a casual fuck with Bob, she was keen on a relationship.

Dirty panty stories

Bob's mind was racing with the possibilities a relationship with Carol could bring, including an endless stream of dirty panties for him to sample, not to mention, Carol was keen on swinging as well, so Bob was not going to be limited to just Carols pussy. Bob went straight back to Carols house after the bbq and immediately headed to the bathroom, where he was delighted to find about 8 pairs of dirty panties in their hamper.

The younger girls ones were only barely scented, so Bob quickly returned those to the hamper, dirty panty stories he was delighted to find a pair of what were clearly the eldest daughters panties, with heavy pussy staining and it was thick and sticky and smelled and tasted magnificent. Carol also has 2 pairs in the hamper and Bob was excited to note that both pairs had obvious cum staining in them, one pair so fresh he could still smell the semen in the crotch, so he knew Carol had to have been fucked only that morning for it to still be damp.

Bob and Carol fucked all night. She gave him access to all of her holes, which he eagerly accepted, loving the taste of her sloppy wet pussy, horny knowing it was so well used, but the thing that was keeping Bob so hard for so long was thinking about Carols daughters, especially her eldest, and thinking about her boyfriends cock pistoning in and out of her sweet pussy and how nice it would smell afterwards.

Thinking these nasty thoughts, Bob filled Carols pussy to overflowing with his hot cum, before falling into a deep contented sleep. In the morning, Bob got up to get a drink and as he made his way to the kitchen, he heard the unmistakeable sound of fucking coming from Carols eldests room and snuck along the hall and was delighted to find her door ajar enough for him to partially see the bed with the horny couple fucking wildly on top. Bob was looking forward to smelling her freshest panties later if he got the chance!

Within weeks Bob and Carol had moved in together and her daughters quickly got to like and trust Bob. Bobs job, had him starting very early and finishing mid afternoon which allowed him enough time to go through all the rooms and find any dirty panties and masturbate with them before anyone got home. After a while, Bob began to get bolder, and began to cum into the panties and return them dirty panty stories where he found them, risking the owner to find his cum in their underwear and expose him. It was high risk, but the excitement drove him crazy and he loved it.

Dirty panty stories

Bob and Carol were at a swingers dirty panty stories one night, when Bob got chatting to a couple, Liz and Paul, who were far kinkier than anyone he had ly met. They explained to Bob that they really had no limits to their debauchery and if Bob ever wanted to do anything to count them in. Bob immediately invited them to come over when the rest of the household would be out to share his fetish with them and they eagerly agreed.

The day they turned up, Bob had assembled every pair of dirty panties in the house and was sat on the sofa surrounded by them, masturbating furiously, when Liz and Paul arrived. When they knocked he called out for them to let themselves in, and they found him in his panty heaven. Liz immediately tore her clothes off and began wanking Bobs engorged cock with some of the panties, while Paul put his head between Liz's legs and began eating her soaking eager pussy.

Liz then suggested to Bob that he and Paul should fuck her while she wore some of the panties, so she donned a pair and Bob rubbed Liz's pussy through the fabric, mixing Liz's juices with the stains already on the panties, then he pulled the crotch aside and buried his throbbing cock deeply and roughly into Liz's soaking pussy. They repeated this until there were no panties left that Liz could fit into and then Liz and Paul repeated the process until Paul let out a huge aching groan and filled Liz with his cum. Pulling out quickly, Paul let Bob take over between his wifes legs and Bob roughly fucked Liz, the action of his pistoning cock, turning Pauls cum to a foamy cream.

They paused briefly to change panties and then were quickly back at it and Bob began to feel the build of his orgasm and exploded inside Liz, but as he was still ejaculating he pulled out and continued cumming all over the panties until he was spent. Liz then began exchanging panties until she has worn each air and rubbed her pussy to ensure every pair got well soaked with the proceeds of the 2 men. Realising time was short, Bob quickly gathered all the panties and put them into the washing machine dirty panty stories expunge the evidence of the kinky session that had just taken place.

Paul and Liz, left quickly and no sooner had Bob put the washing in the drier than the girls all arrived home, each giving him a big hug and a kiss, while in his mind he was thinking, if only they knew what he had just done in all their underwear. Reader comments on the erotic story. By using this website you consent the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Dirty panty stories

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