Fun ways to cum

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Regular masturbation can help to relieve stress and decrease prostate problems. There are even suggestions that it could help fight depression too. There can always be new ways to masturbate, so here I proudly introduce the best masturbation techniques on the internet! New to wanking? Never experimented with different ways to masturbate before?

Fun ways to cum

This section is full of easy masturbation techniques to make your next ejaculation a little more intense. Lube optional First things first, we gotta start with the classic way to jack off. Grip your cock with your fist, wrapping your fingers fun ways to cum the front and thumb around the side closest to you. Now simply move your hand up and down repeatedly in a steady rhythm. Lube up your cock and dominant hand before getting started. Men with foreskin should be fine without lube, as the foreskin will usually stimulate the penis head by moving the skin up and down around it.

Now gently move them up and down so that the skin of the shaft of your penis creates friction. This creates a different, more unique experience for the wanker, as most of the friction is coming from your skin being dragged up and down. Still, you do you. Now, simply rub the sensitive head of your penis through the fabric.

The feel of the soft fabric rubbing against your sensitive cock can be enough to make you ejaculate heaps of cum into your shorts! Lube recommended This is a bit of an unusual one. Basically, you hold the head of your fun ways to cum in one hand, preferably armed with a nice amount of lube. With your other hand, you gently tug on your balls downwards, stimulating the lower half of your cock. Doing this will stimulate the bottom of your penis and also pull the skin of the top of your penis up and down with every stroke. Holding your lubed-up penis head in your hands, you should find that it gently moves around in your hand and creates stimulation at both the top and bottom of the cock.

Lube recommended This is a creative way to stimulate your frenulum F spot without doing anything too complicated. The frenulum is the small V-shaped section when the glans head meets the skin on the underside of your cock. It is a very sensitive part of the male anatomy and is known as a male erogenous zone. Using lube, pump your cock like normal but stroke the underside of your penis frenulum with your thumb as your stroke. This will make ejaculation feel very intense. Lube recommended The arm slide is a pretty simple jacking off method which requires you to slide your penis head down the length of your forearm.

This skin-to-penis gliding motion should feel very pleasurable and relaxing if you use a decent amount of lube. This is one of the best ways to jack off if your arms are relatively smooth. If your arms are very hairy, it might be like grinding a carpet.

Fun ways to cum

The head is, after all, the most sensitive part of your cock, so it makes sense to concentrate your efforts there. Place your fingers and thumb around the head of your penis, meeting around the section where the glans meets the shaft. Get ready to explode with cum!

Fun ways to cum

Lube recommended This very simple technique focuses on pleasuring the very tip of your penis, leading to a gradual and very sensitive-feeling ejaculation. Make sure you use a ton of lube for this because it will be VERY sensitive. This is one of those wanking techniques for men which always sends chills down my spine! They were into some kinky stuff, so who knows. If you can do this 3 or 4 times, it will make your eventual orgasm even more intense. The more surface area of your cock that you touch, the closer your masturbating can feel to real sex.

The unusual sensation helps to make the masturbation experience much more novel. But you know… you live in a right-handed world :p. While using your favorite one-handed masturbation method, use your free hand to play with your balls and massage them a little. You could try cupping them, tickling them, or massaging them in slow circular motions. Lube recommended This technique is all about gently rubbing and caressing the F spot frenulumthe sensitive V-shaped part of your penis when the skin meets the glans on the underside of your penis head.

Put some lube on the end of your index finger and simply massage your frenulum and the underside of your penis with simple circular motions or gentle up and down strokes. You might feel your toes curl up with this technique! Our lube guide goes into more detail. Lube optional Although male nipples are largely useless by-products of human biology, they do have one use — sexual arousal.

Yes, you read that correctly. Lube not needed Got a pair of tight boxers that your erection is just begging to spring free from? Instead of taking your cock out and wanking it, why not play with it through your tight boxers. Make sure the boner is facing upwards so that the underside of your cock head is pressing up against the fabric of your boxers. If you have a retractable foreskin, pull it back and make sure that your bare cock head is pressing against the fabric of your boxers.

Now repeatedly tap on the underside of your cock with your fingers. The combination of the tapping with the resistance of your boxers can often lead to orgasm. Interlock your fingers together so that the palms of your hands meet at the top if that makes sense. Now, bring the bottoms of your palms together with your thumbs facing up. This will create a hole which you can use to milk your cock. Fun ways to cum lying on your back, lube up the head of your cock and the part of your stomach where your cock rests.

Now try rubbing your helmet from side to side on fun ways to cum belly, stimulating the nearside of your glans. To intensify this, use your thumb to get rub the underside of your cock head too, taking advantage of all the sensitive nerve endings there. Just make sure you can clean up after! This technique is like pulling the cork out of a wine bottle with a traditional corkscrew — you use a twisting and pulling motion. Place your palm over the tip of your cock and grasp the shaft with your fingers at a spiraling angle.

Now move your fingers up and away from your cock while twisting them at the same time. Repeat this stroke to climax! Now carefully position your erect penis so that this solid stream of water is falling onto your cock head. Combined with some gentle wanking or stroking, this can lead to a really relaxing and pleasurable orgasm. It goes without saying, but make sure that the water pressure and temperature are safe for your penis before trying this!

Now use your spare hand to massage the tip and head of your cock at the same time. If your cock is around the same height as the top of your mattress, place your erect penis on top of the mattress and put a spare pillow over the top of it, holding it down at the sides. Now gently pump back and forth into the fabric and enjoy this hands free masturbation with your homemade male sex toy! Lube optional You often hear about people using ice cubes for sensory play in sex, but guys masturbating can use them as a new way to jerk off too.

The sudden temperature change will send a jolt of shock through your body which can feel tantalizing if you time it right before orgasm. Lube optional Wanna know how to jerk off and feel like someone else is doing it?

Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or bed and reach your dominant arm underneath your leg so that you can grab your cock from the underneath. You might have to bend over a little awkwardly. Now simply use your favorite wanking style from this position, although your mobility is a bit limited so keep it simple. This is among the best masturbation techniques for feeling like someone else is pleasuring you — now shut your eyes and think of England. Or someone you wanna screw. Simply grab your cock as you would normally, but hold it by the base and stroke up and down in relatively small strokes.

The idea is to reduce glans stimulation, which makes it easier to last longer. Now stroke your cock up and down as you normally would, using lube if you think it will help. Well, now you can adapt that motion into a fun way to masturbate! Make sure that your erect cock and hands are lubed up.

Slowing down your strokes not only helps you to last longer; it also helps to intensify your ejaculation and feel the sensations up and down your penis more noticeably. Treat it like mindfulness meditation for your penis — appreciate every tiny sensation and detail. The easiest way is to sit or lean on your arm for a while.

This wanking method can obviously take a while, and your hand is quite inaccurate and hard to control in its numbed-out state. This gland located inside your bottom is capable of producing very powerful climaxes and even multiple orgasms in men. By rubbing your perineum, you can massage the prostate without sticking a finger in your ass.

Combined with normal masturbation techniques, this can send you fun ways to cum over the edge! I would recommend small circular motions which change direction every 30 seconds or so. Otherwise, combine this vibrating glans stimulation with regular wanking to amplify your masturbation session.

Try homemade sex toys for men and women like the vibrating handle of an electric toothbrush. Try kneeling on the floor, putting your erect penis between the cushions, and pumping your cock in and out till you explode.

Fun ways to cum

The unique pressure around your cock comes mostly from the sides, which gives a different jacking off experience for sure. These advanced masturbation methods are for experienced wankers who have already tackled many of the intermediate masturbation styles in this guide. If you want to know how to jack off like an absolute pro, read on! Now, spread your butt cheeks apart with your heels, exposing your butthole to the world in your kneeling position. Stay in this position and masturbate normally using your favorite jacking off technique. Some advanced masturbation enthusiasts have reported feeling faint or weak when holding this position for a long time, so be careful.

Wanking is fun and all, but try not to end up in hospital. Now use plenty of lube as you slowly slide them over your glans, simulating a pair of lips performing a blowjob. The trick with this advanced wanking method is the self-control. Now use your fun ways to cum hand to fondle and massage your balls at the same time. This combination is very powerful, trust me.

This might be difficult to do freestanding, so consider leaning your back against a wall or bedframe while you do it. The resulting climax can be VERY intense, but this position is hard to stay in for extended periods of time, so use caution.

Fun ways to cum

Lube optional Ever wanted to fuck a banana before? This technique requires you to turn a lovely ripe banana into a homemade male sex toy. Who needs Fleshlight when we have fruit, right? It can help to heighten your orgasms and make you last longer when masturbating or having sex. Once your penis is erect, slip on a cock ring of your choosing to enjoy a more pleasurable and lengthy wanking session. The prostate is located around inches inside the anus, on the anterior side of the body the front side.

It is around the size of a walnut. The 2 main ways to reach this male G spot are with your finger though it will be awkward and with a purpose-built prostate play sex toy, of which there are many. Our prostate milking guide goes into more detail. Well, there we have it!

Fun ways to cum

Remember to always use common sense and stop if you feel faint or uncomfortable during the more complex techniques. Have fun trying all these different ways to masturbate! Try not to faint or break your arm. I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

Twist the foreskin with main hand, so that it wraps tightly around. Then rub the top with off hand thumb. Its good for when you having low sensitivity. Im thinking of calling it the controller. If you have foreskin, you will be have most powerful intense orgasms in masturbation. I love a mixture of helmet polish and boxer rub — better in slip briefs, move the palm of the hand vigorously across the helmet with foreskin covering, through the underwear.

Great orgasm!

Fun ways to cum

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