I want to cuckold

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. If you've found this story in i want to cuckold husband's browsing history, congratulations! You hit the jackpot --you have yourself a cuck husband! Please keep an open mind and remember that he wants to see YOUR sexual liberation. If you choose to get into this, YOU should be the one in control. If he's a true cuck, he'll accept that and let you take the lead. Also, you should consider the possibility that he left this story in his browsing history, or in a place where you could find it, on purpose, as a passive way of bringing up the topic.

Don't be too hard on him, he's only trying to be more open with you about his sexual needs. How do I know? Because your wife is a human being and it's a biological fact that human beings are wired to desire a variety and multiplicity of sexual partners. This includes your wife. But let's back up and talk about you, the would-be cuckold. I suspect that the biggest obstacle between you and the realization of your dream is your own shame and social conditioning.

One of the things that makes the cuckold fantasy so appealing is that it runs counter to the typical image of masculinity.

I want to cuckold

Men are supposed to jealously guard 'their' women as if they were property. It is more socially acceptable to assault a man who sleeps with your wife than it is to consent to, or encourage, the so-called infidelity. Why is that? Why is violence more tolerated than dropping the he-man pose? We learn what it means to be a Man through our culture, and our culture imparts values to us --most of which we accept without thinking.

The strongest kinds of ideologies are the ones that we don't even see as ideologies --the ones that we see as just facts of nature, or as 'the way things are.

I want to cuckold

But we don't live in nature, we live in a human-constructed world, and things are the way they are because we made them that way. It's true that testosterone is associated with a quicker temper and a higher propensity for violence. But body chemistry can be affected by environment, and our cultural environment encourages anger and violence in certain situations, like when another man sleeps with your wife.

This is supposed to be a challenge to your Manhood. In this situation, you are expected to react in a violent manner. Hormones can change behavior, but behavior can also change hormones. It's not a one way street. I believe that the violence associated with 'infidelity' is not a reflection of hormonal, but of intellectual processes. We don't just have hormones, we have brains too, and it is our brains that come up with these hormonal explanations for cultural phenomena.

Racism was once supported by universally accepted 'scientific' research which showed certain races to be inferior to others. This was another i want to cuckold phenomenon that was supposed to be a reflection of the natural order. Of course it was all bullshit! The idea that Masculinity is somehow an outgrowth of biological processes is a similar fallacy. Sorry to get academic on you, but on this score the academics happen to be correct: Masculinity is a construct.

And what is constructed can be deconstructed. Take you for instance: you were raised in a culture that abhors men who fail to live up to the ideals of Masculinity, and yet you have a fantasy of seeing your wife get fucked by another man. Maybe you're going against the grain because you're weird or damaged in some way, or maybe you just accidently deprogrammed yourself a little bit. A woman who loves to fuck and does so without shame is a powerful woman. You want your wife to be that woman. Probably because you want to be sexually submissive to her.

How shameful! You should be afraid to show your face in public! What if people found out??? Shame is a powerful aphrodisiac, so maybe the origins of your sexual needs are the very things I've mentioned: social norms, Masculinity, fear of public reprobation, etc. This is the primordial gumbo out of which your fantasy emerged, so maybe it's not all bad. Before I get into the How-To, I want to talk about two elements of cuck culture that are suspiciously over-represented in cuckold pornography, and might make people feel bad about the lifestyle.

In a lot of cuckold pornography, the man who fucks the wife is referred to as an Alpha Male, and the cuckold as a Beta Male. This is entirely stupid. The terminology comes from research into gorilla social groups, where there can only be one Alpha Male per group, usually the biggest and strongest. This analogy puts the cuckold in a weak position.

But if you think about it, even a little, you realize that the cuckold is getting exactly what he wants. What do you call a person who gets exactly what he wants? I don't think so. But if the wife in the situation is just doing it to please her husband, i want to cuckold he's the one in control. A man might pimp out his wife or girlfriend, and you wouldn't call him a cuck. A i want to cuckold is doing it for money, but if he were getting something else out of it, like sexual satisfaction, it wouldn't change the power dynamic. That guy's a controlling asshole, manipulating his wife for his own ends.

The line between who's the 'top' and who's the 'bottom' becomes blurred when you look at the interior states and motivations of the participants. This dynamic is made even more complex by adding another person to the mix because that third person's motives also have to be ed for. This can also be confusing for newbie cucks because they have a sexual need to be out of control. Being under the control of your wife and being under the control of some random guy with a big dick are two very different things. Both of them might be a turn on, but one of them is more likely to make you feel bad about yourself in the morning.

Use it! But if it makes you feel bad about yourself, you should know that it's not a necessary part of the cuckold dynamic. Cuckolds and their wives are probably not more racist than average, but the culture we live in is racist, and like I said before, we accept the values and ideologies of our culture without even knowing that we are doing it. This might explain why so much cuckold pornography involves a black man fucking a white wife, and why so many cucks have this specific fantasy.

This reduces a living, complex person to their genitals. It might be that a big dick is all that the living, complex person is within the context of the cuckold scene, but it's still reductive and potentially offensive. A black man who fucks the wife of a cuckold is often referred to as a "Bull.

I want to cuckold

It's a beast of burden. Of course comparing a black man to an animal, even in an admiring way, is racist. It harkens back to slavery days when strong black slaves were referred to as 'bucks. A married woman who fucks black men is sometimes called a "Queen of Spades. This is an obvious example of racism, because the word 'spade' is a derogatory term for a black man.

An extreme fetishistic cuckold fantasy is for the cuckold's wife to be impregnated by her "bull. Raising kids that are clearly the product of extramarital affairs is a deep and public submission to the will of the wife. The uncharitable view is that the cuckold, if his wife sleeps with a black man, gets to have his cake and eat it too. His wife gets fucked by a stronger, more virile man, but since he is black, he is not a real danger to the marriage. Of course in reality the wife is just as free to run off with a black man as with any other type of man.

But with cuckoldry, we're in the land of weird subconscious drives. The racism of our society does make i want to cuckold less likely that a woman in an established marriage is going to run off with a black man. That racist social pressure provides a false sense of security for the cuck. The more charitable view is that the cuckold is taking the ultimate racist fear --black men coming for our women!

The fear of the black man's sexual prowess is at the heart of a lot of the racist propaganda put out by the klan and their affiliates in media and government. Using this fear to fuel a sexual fetish is a constructive thing to do with it. Much more constructive than, say, letting it determine who you vote for. Dan Savage made the same point in his column, probably better than me.

It's important to remember that whatever the reason seeing your wife fucked by a black man turns you on --whether it's a racist reason or not-- the result is that a black man is getting i want to cuckold. We're not talking about oppression here, so there's no reason for anyone to feel all that bad about it. Go for it! But it is such a huge part of the way that cuckoldry is represented that it threatens to become part of the definition of what cuckolding is. If racism in cuck culture is something that makes you question your sexual needs and feel like the whole thing is shameful because it's racistthen just ignore it.

A true cuck would get just as turned on by his wife fucking a Latino, Italian, or even a white guy. You know that thing that you do that your wife hates? Stop doing that. You know that thing that she wants you to do, but it's a pain in the ass and you don't want to? Do it. You want to be a cuckold? When's the last time you did the dishes, or vacuumed, or picked the kids up from school, or made dinner, or did the laundry, or cleaned the garage? Real-life submission isn't all analingus and dog collars. It's about making your wife happy. You already know how to do that, so get to work.

Start losing some arguments. You and your wife probably bicker about stupid petty nonsense all the time. All couples do that.

I want to cuckold

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Is It Weird That I Want A Cuckold Marriage With My Wife?