Kink foot worship

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When it comes to sexual attraction, we all have our own specific things that turn us on. For some, a good sense of humor does the trick, while others are all about physical chemistry. Others still have more specific turn-ons, including feet. This attraction is called a foot fetish, and to answer some common questions about it, Allure spoke with some men who proudly have foot fetishes and professional dominatrixes.

They have plenty of interesting things to say about our southern-most appendages, from explaining the whole spectrum of foot fetishes to the reason for all the foot love in the first place. In our conversation, foot fetishists explain what foot worship is, they talk about their favorite pedicure colors, and dominatrixes talk about what they've learned from some of their clients. Even if you're just interested in cute pedicures, Goddess Avivaa New York City-based pro-domme, has plenty of foot-care secrets to share.

And what better time to learn about all this than on I Love My Feet Day, kink foot worship real holiday that occurs every year on August 17? Our feet carry us around all day and they deserve all the love they can get, so read on for a celebration of feet like no other. For some, it's as extreme as there needing to be feet involved in order to experience sexual pleasure or climax," Goddess Aviva tells Allure. Though it's not necessarily true for everyone with a foot fetish, she says that some people with foot fetishes need feet to be involved in a sexual experience to achieve sexual gratification.

If feet aren't involved, they simply aren't interested. As for what a foot fetish actually entails, she describes it as a spectrum. Kevin, a year-old foot fetishist from California, explains that for some, it's all about worshipping a woman by paying special attention to her feet. When asked what his ideal fantasy is, Kevin says, "You're soaking in my antique clawfoot tub after I've drawn a bath for you filled with sea salts and lavender oils, bubble bath, as you drink sparkling champagne.

If you find yourself dating someone with a foot fetish, you can likely expect many foot kink foot worship in your future.

Kink foot worship

The fetishist may also share an exceptional love for pedicureswhich is why pro-dommes such as Aviva put such care into their foot routines, and their efforts do not go unnoticed. While it's all about the love for some, for others, foot fetishes are more about being submissive and may involve humiliation. I love to be tied up, having no say at all, and having a mistress have her way with me," Brent explains. Men such as Brent may enjoy being forced to lick and smell feet, ideally ones that are stinky and sweaty.

Tomorrowa professional dominatrix based in Nashville. In conjunction with an attraction to feet, many people with foot fetishes are also into shoes, socks, and stockings — anything that wraps around the foot. These submissives really get off on tying shoes and heels to their faces, to be immersed in kink foot worship smell. They will also insert their penis I mostly work with clients who have penises into shoes, and use shoes as a masturbatory aid," Ms. Tomorrow says. She elaborates that she has a few clients who are shoe specific: Some only like heels, others are exclusively turned on by old, dirty boots.

A few of her clients prefer clogs, house slippers, ballet flats, or sandals. Shoes aren't the only wearable item of interest.

Kink foot worship

Tomorrow tells Allure. Though foot fetishes are sometimes thought of as taboo and those with them are often kink-shamed especially those who lean toward the stinky, sweaty end of the spectrum described by Goddess Avivathere's another side to them many people don't think about. You may relate to wanting to make your partner feel good by rubbing and massaging part of their body, such as their feet, or are excited about the idea of dating someone who wishes to do this to you.

Kink foot worship

Foot fetishes are just another way to be vulnerable with another human being kink foot worship you get down to it. We walk around on our feet, all day long, and they carry us through most of our lives, and we ought to give them more credit. The intimacy of getting close to such an important part of the body is precisely what arouses foot fetishists, especially those who are also submissive. I also love when my submissive can make me feel good with foot massage and worship," Aviva explains.

It's a beautiful thing when someone can give you that love and care as an exploration of their foot fetish. Now, regardless of your partner having a foot fetish or not and regardless as to whether you have a partner or are totally singleis anyone up for a Netflix-and-foot-massage night? You can follow Sophie on Twitter and Instagram.

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Kink foot worship

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