Medical fetish ideas

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Married couples have all the freedom when it comes to bedroom experimentation. One thing we like is role play sex, and that includes medical fetish. When I first heard it from Tim, I thought it was a connection between sex and a role in the medical field. Later on, I found out it covers a wide range of niches and. This guide aims to help you gain a better medical fetish ideas of medical fetish and at the same time provide insights on what tools or toys to use, how to do it safely, and many more. Medical fetishism medfet, gynecologist fetish, doctor roleplay means an individual is sexually attracted to anything relating to the medicinal field.

It is a vast field, but the most common manifestations are:. It differs, of course, but in our case, it developed from our love for role play scenes. I still remember when I first saw Sandra in her short white nurse uniform with her cleavage teasing me. Since then, every time I see a nurse, I remember Sandra, and my cock hardens. On the other hand, Sandra thinks her medical fetish is likely leftover from her childhood. Others experience sexual arousal when seeing a nurse, doctor, or patient, while others love the feel of medical tools touching their skin.

It could also come from exposure to porn featuring medical scenes. Sandra and I have satisfied our doctor fetish for a long medical fetish ideas. Like other couples, it took us a lot of experimenting and trial and error to discover how to do things properly to give us the best pleasure. To help others, we have compiled our experiences into some easy-to-follow steps. Please keep in mind that these steps worked for us, and you may need to modify them to suit your exact situation. Note: Medical fetish is advanced sex act, and you need to take great care when doing it.

Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses, injuries, and damages. Learn more. Also, discuss boundaries and limits, especially for the pain part. Before we started our medical fetish journey, we researched what it is, how to do it, and how to enjoy it safely. We think every couple should do the same, especially those who are not yet familiar with it.

There are many articles, instructional videos, and more on medfet that you can easily find online. There are also tons of porn videos to watch for inspiration, for example, on Pornhub and Xhamster. BDSM medical fantasies can be dangerous if not done correctly. We use safe words and keep our communication line open. For example, we would always check on each other while doing the act by asking questions to know if the other person is comfortable or not. It will be too dangerous for both of us. Stay sober while doing this! The key to a pleasurable medical fetish experience is to start slow, especially for beginners.

I like how the cold round metal glistens, and the moment it touches my skin sends tiny electric currents all over my body. There are many ways to enjoy medical fetish, but it all starts with buying safe medical equipment.

In our case, we purchased medical fetish sex toys online and had them delivered to our doorstep. However, make sure to buy only from legit online stores and read the instructions manual carefully.

Medical fetish ideas

Just like with other sex toys, be sure to keep your medical fetish tools clean. The best way to do it is by sterilizing the medical equipment before and after use. Some tools come with instructions on how to keep them clean. So, read and follow them carefully to ensure that your devices stay clean, safe, and will last a lifetime. As a couple, Sandra and I make sure our lovemaking is always unique and memorable.

We like to set the mood, and one of the most effective ways to do so is by creating a pleasing ambiance scene. In our case, we like to start with a glass of wine and having a hot shower together. We would dim the lights and play soft music in the background. Sometimes, we would light some aromatic candles, too. You also need the proper medfet toystools, and furniture to maximize your overall experience.

Below are some of our favorite add-ons to satisfy our medical procedures fantasy:. Disclosure: This article has affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission for purchases made through those links at no additional cost to you. But fret not, the versatile Black Label Flip Stage can support any position without compromising your comforts, plus it can hide out of sight when not in use.

This comfy bondage bed provides you lift and leverage and is foldable with an eight-inch boost perfect for Medical Medical fetish ideas plays and straddling positions. It also features customizable cuff connectors and is available in black microfiber with safe-to-wash cover sheets. Check Prices on Liberator.

Medical fetish ideas

This one comes at a very reasonable price with minimalistic des. The materials are solid even when it only hangs onto a single carabineer. Check Prices on Lovehoney. Lubricating areas that are hard, if not impossible to reach, is no fun at all. Fortunately, this Lube Tube Applicator Syringe from heaven is going to make it all easy for you. What does that mean? Check Prices on Stockroom.

These items are for those into serious medical roleplaying. Perfect for some steamy restraining, this padded medical posture collar is like a combination medical fetish ideas comfy support and sexy choking with its foam padding and exclusive des. This high-quality cupping set has several pieces of suction instrument you can use in any parts of the body. We need a little bit of body electricity to be alive, and with the Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro Play Wandanyone can be filling themselves with fireworks and friendly stings.

Not all partners can find the place where G marks the spot. After all, what treasure is easy to find? You might have already seen this in the Fifty Shades Franchise, and though it might look a bit scary with all the spikes and edges, this one is worth every penny. It has a total of 22 spikes that gives this super-sensitive feeling to any part of the body.

It also features some prongs and is very lightweight. Somehow, its name speaks for itself already. I mean, once it rolls on you, your nerves will be drumming, asking for more. It creates very intense and exciting prickly and tickly sensations that are almost addictive in some ways. Always make sure that one of the most precious and fragile cavities of our body is clean. Sounding is one of the most fantastic kink sensations there is, and you can take it to the next level with the Double Ended Urethral Dilator with its ribs and ridges. Please be aware this is for experienced practitioners only!

Sounding is weirdly satisfying, but not everyone has it smooth and easy. It has 3mm rods attached to a stainless steel frame that simply needs to be slipped gently into the head of the penis and two wingnuts to gently spread the urethral opening. To make your steamy bondage play a lot steamier and passionate, try using the Sperm Stopper Glans Ring.

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Medical fetish ideas

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Medical fetish ideas

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