Mil tac led flashlight

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The flashlight features modes like high power, low power, strobe, and SOS. Aircraft are made from an aluminum alloy called aluminum alloy. But what if I told you that exact same aluminum alloy is used to make the aluminum cans you find at a grocery store? Or the aluminum cans you drink beer out of? Yes, that aluminum alloy is exceptionally popular across multiple manufacturing sectors.

Despite these claims, we could find no evidence that the MilTac flashlight is used by soldiers, police officers, fire crews, or any other emergency personnel in any country in the world today. The MilTac product description features no information about its brightness which is typically given in lumens. Some bags of peanuts weigh more than 7 ounces.

Think of the feeling when you pick up a full 12 ounce can of beer. However, we could find no evidence of that price online. The two flashlights have similar names and identical features.

Mil tac led flashlight

You can contact the company at [ protected] The company lists its address as the following:. Interestingly enough, the contact address listed above directs you to a company named Phantom Products, Inc. Ultimately, whether you call it the MilTac flashlight, the MiliTact flashlight, or the MiTac flashlight, this flashlight makes bold promises about its benefits and value as a self-defense tool. Home Electronics Equipment. in. Log into your. Forgot your password?

Mil tac led flashlight

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Mil tac led flashlight

Get help. Electronics Tactical Flashlights. Updated: July 11, By Infinite Power Solutions. January 19, What we do know about the MilTac flashlight is its weight, which clocks in at 7 ounces. All prices include shipping. Who Makes the MilTac Flashlight? You can contact the company at [ protected] The company lists its address as the following: 1st Ave New York, NY Interestingly enough, the contact address listed above directs you to a company named Phantom Products, Inc.

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Mil tac led flashlight

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MilTac LED Flashlight Review – Best Tactical Military TacLight?