Nylon fetish stories

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I imagine that every nylon fetishist has a fantasy about being alone with a woman who understands the fetish, actually enjoys wearing nylons and is excited by the idea of being arranged and photographed under the direction of the photographer. A successful photoshoot requires all of those components to be in place for it to have a chance to succeed. I suspect that my nylon fetish began when I saw my saw my first Gil Elvgren pin-up girl. Everyone knows what cleavage is, but nylon fetishists and foot fetishists appreciate a special kind of cleavage — toe cleavage.

Yesterday, when I posted about Karyn, I had been looking for this photo. It was part of a photo set that she did for us at Clippette, and also appeared on her blog. Not long after we published the photo set, she flew into Boston for a foot fetish nylon fetish stories at which she was the featured guest, and I offered to be her livery service. When Stocking Vixen and I founded Backseam, nylon fetish stories had no idea that there were so many other men and women out there, all around the world, who had a particular fetish for nylon.

Nor did we realize that in many cases, their nylon fetish was not their only one. Karyn, who was one of our original contributors, really opened our eyes to how multi-dimensional a nylon fetish can be. Karyn also has a foot fetish, and she was able to build a website and business based on how nicely those two fetishes play together. And there are a lot of people with foot fetishes. We never imagined that layered hosiery would be especially sexy for a nylon fetishist either.

Until Karyn demonstrated that it is. I directed her to wear pantyhose in the office today, despite the heat and humidity. In the parking garage, she removed her panties and put on her pantyhose. Then she texted me a photo of her wet panties, on her pantyhosed thigh. From a work-in-progress by Roger Stafford. I was on my back, my arms over my head, bound to the headboard with a leather belt Emily wrapped around my wrists.

Quick, but effective bondage. Emily looked down at me, at my body, at my chest, covered with a satin camisole. Tease me? All I could think about since last night was getting my hands on you, touching you, kissing you. Now you want to tease me? What was wrong with that? With wanting to give her the same thing she gave me? I enjoyed her seduction of me, I just wanted to seduce her. I jerked at the sensation, feeling the energy from her soft touch shoot through my stomach, to my loins. She leaned down, her real breasts pressed into my breast forms.

She whispered in my ear. You wanted to excite me? You did. I had a vision of her touching me, fucking me, and I wanted it. Instead, Emily climbed off me, stood up, just looked at me. You thought you were going to tease me?

Nylon fetish stories

No, Sara, no. Think about how bad you want me.

Nylon fetish stories

You just think about me. I almost laughed. My plan had been to seduce Emily, to tease Emily, to make her want me so badly that she was wild with desire. I was the one being teased. I was the one who was now wild with desire. Fuck, I wanted her back in here NOW. Fuck, what was she doing? I wanted her. I needed her. I realized that I had been erect in my satin tap panties since she left the room. Nylon fetish stories was so excited, so outrageously horny, it was not funny. My eyes widened seeing how she was dressed.

I looked at her and felt a soft moan escape my from my lips. Now, I was weak, helpless, at her mercy. She lifted one of her legs up onto the bed, touching her heel against mine, her stocking covered foot against my stocking covered foot. I was pulled my arms, tugged at the belt holding them over my head. I wanted to get up, grab her, throw her on the bed, ravage her.

I forgot Sara. The boy part of me began flowing, yearning. Not now. Not yet. You wanted to be a woman. You wanted to be pretty. You wanted to seduce me. You picked Sara. You picked soft, satin, pretty, feminine. I was panting. It had been mere minutes since she nylon fetish stories into the room, yet already I was panting. The site of her, the smell of her, the feel of her, pushed me, engaged me.

She lifted one of her legs on top of one of mine, rubbed it back and forth, nylon covered leg touching nylon covered leg. Women touch each other like this. Women are soft, seductive. Men fuck women, women make love to women. To feel this, to feel my leg touching yours? She fucking knows what that does to me. She totally fucking knows what the feel of our mutually nylon covered legs touching does to me.

It makes me melt. It makes me swoon. It makes me feel nothing but feminine feelings. She knows. Boy or girl? Male or sissy?

Nylon fetish stories

Which are you today? I so much love having another woman. Emily ignored me, reached into my panties, wrapped her soft hand around my erection. We both knew exactly what she said. We both knew exactly what happened the last time we screwed like a man and woman. She was mean. She tormented me. The last time, I was on top of her, after spending an hour licking her. She was so sensitive. I was on top of her, teasing her, trying to make her beg for me to enter her.

I was rubbing myself on the outside of her lips, over the wetness, pushing just the tip into her.

Nylon fetish stories

She was clenching her teeth, looking me in the eye.

Nylon fetish stories

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