Wife wants to be a hotwife

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Before diving in I just wanted to let you know about my private membership where stories like this one exist except they are a lot more filthy and a lot more forbidden. I love being a hotwife, knowing all of these men lust after me and knowing my husband gets off on it is the icing on the cake. With a strong athletic physique, dreamy eyes and dark hair beginning to lighten with age, I had always had the hots for him but I never expected this to happen. He made us a classic spaghetti bolognese, it was rich and delicious. The drinks were flowing and the conversation was light and bubbly, my husband got up to use the restroom after our meal and our mutual friend told me that I looked stunning in the dress I was wearing.

I was taken aback but I was smitten by this compliment, he was a good looking man and I felt like I had butterflies. He smiled at me seductively and I blushed, my husband returned and put his arm around me. We continued talking for quite sometime before the conversation turned a little sexual.

We brought up likes and dislikes in the bedroom and about some of our favorite sexual experiences, all of this talk was turning me on and I knew my husband was turned on too by the erection visible through his pants. Our sexual conversation lasted a while, our mutual friend brought up the subject of threesomes and I jokingly inquired about us three having a threesome wife wants to be a hotwife told them both that it would probably be quite fun.

They both looked at me wide-eyed and both of them smiled, my husband asked me if I wanted to get to know our mutual friend a little better on my own in his bedroom. I looked at him shocked but I was so horny and so interested in being a hotwife that I took up his offer.

We began making out immediately, his hands were all over my body. It was such a rush to be doing this knowing my husband was virtually right outside the door. He lifted up my dress and began playing with my pussy, I was in heaven, it was sending shockwaves of pleasure through me. He thrust inside of me, pinching at my nipples and feeling my entire body as he did so. The sex was rough, raw and passionate, he breathed heavily as he fucked me and after a short time he began to cum.

I will admit it was a little awkward walking back out to greet my husband but the rush it gave me was an ecstatic feeling, it was like having your first kiss or even your first orgasm. After that initial thrill, I got from being with our mutual friend I soon realised I loved being a hotwife and I became hooked.

I got off on it whenever I came and I told my husband endless tales about how it felt and what it did to my body. Because I loved fucking our mutual friend so much we decided to start sharing me with more of our acquaintances. Yes, it was incredibly hot having sex with people we had known for years but it was also a little bit weird at the same time.

The sex was amazing, seeing what they finally looked like under their clothes was a real treat and having them worship my body and know what my husband has been enjoying for years was also a huge turn on but then seeing them out and about in the real world afterwards was just confusing. I for one wish we had never opened up our relationship up with people we knew as it has made a lot of our friendships awkward afterwards, especially as some of them are married and their partners have no idea what we got up too.

I do not regret the sex, it was awesome, having a man I have known for 6 years go down on me in my bedroom and then cumming my mouth as my husband waited downstairs was an amazing experience for me. My other favorite was ing my husband in one time, our dentist is a mutual friend of ours and he was eager to feel my pussy, he told me he had always admired my tits as he worked in my mouth.

When he came round he fucked me hard on our marital bed and my husband was allowed to fuck my mouth. My husband found us a place online called adult friend finderwe use it to find likeminded people who understand our situation and know just what it takes to be in a hotwife wife wants to be a hotwife. I really recommend it if you are into hotwifing or opening up your relationship. After I have fucked my date my husband loves to then fuck me, he gets off knowing he is my sloppy seconds. He loves feeling how wet I am for them, knowing they have filled me with their cock. I always look forward to my date leaving so that my husband can enjoy my body, sometimes he likes me to even leave their cum inside of me so that he can feel it for himself.

I love telling my dates to do whatever they want to me, use my ass, my pussy and my mouth all up so that my husband can see just what a good job they did afterwards. He is a sucker for being second best. I think a lot of people have a misconception about being a hotwife, I certainly did.

Yes, I have a type, I do like big dick but being a hotwife with different men has really changed the type of men I go for and I have found that all penises can be fun and pleasurable when used right. Did it effect your relationship at all? My wife and I have been doing the hotwife thing for about 6 years, love it!

We have found one guy that is our regular go to, turns out he works at our car insurance company. Its hot every time he text me and says hey, seen the wife today, she was looking good and got me hard! Lol love getting text like that. I know how you feel. My wife does the same and we are living with her lover in our home we even share the married bed all 3 off us every night.

We have 3 kids 18,15, They are fine with the arrangement like us. Life has never been better. We have sex 4 to 5 times a week. My husband has a 7 inch erection and my lover has just over an 8 inch manhood so I am always completely satisfied. I can now squirt when we all make love. They are both crazy. Very interesting story.

Wife wants to be a hotwife

It made me horny. I love dirty stories of cheating wives. My wife told me that she wanted to fuck the guy she worked with after a year of openly flirting with him. We agreed to seduce him together. They had an affair for about three years during which time she fucked five other guys and had a different affair. She told me everything and I did get to fuck her right after. A sloppy, wonderful experience. The first time I watched another man penetrate my wife was an incredible rush of sensations and emotions. It can be very fulfilling however, I did at times feel some jealousy and resentment.

Thank you for sharing how you got into being a Hotwife and sharing your views. I have always been quite sexual. I enjoy quickies as well as being romantic, and just about everything in between. What I cannot stand is boring sex.

I have been in two serious relationships. The first was a lot of fun sexually for the first 6 months and the. The next woman talked a big game. The problem was she was nothing like she talked. Yes the first few months we fun and we did push some boundaries but she quickly started to retreat from our sexual exploration to the point that she almost became embarrassed or ashamed to even talk about some of the things we did let alone continue or push further.

Wife wants to be a hotwife

She also started wearing sweatpants all the time. Even when we went out to the store or running errands. So obviously this relationship too failed. I want to be clear. I was quite happy when we were together just having sex. But when the passion left even that I could no longer take it. So now I am looking for my next relationship. I have vowed that my next relationship, girlfriend or wife will be with a woman who is passionate, intelligent and not afraid. I think you have a great deal of confidence. To Be open to engaging in this lifestyle takes a great amount of confidence and courage.

Likes it the way that makes the lifestyle appealing? I know a few couples that say they have an amazing sex life. Full of passion and kink and they are extremely happy with each other. I love the story! My wife and myself love the hotwife lifestyle. She mostly plays alone with other guys and I have sloppy seconds. I recommend it to any couple that is confident in their marriage. I too love my wife fucking other guys interested in playing swith us or just with her sometimes.

Wife wants to be a hotwife

After getting back home we always usually stay up all night long talking about what they or we did to her and of course the last fuck of the night is always the best fuck. Gangbangs, black men are some of her favorites.

Wife wants to be a hotwife

From my experience with my wife. My wife and i have an incredible sex life. Sometimes she is woken late at night having her pussy licked then suddenly realise that something is not tight when my cock fucks her mouth. I love watching her fuck suck lick kiss with another guyi in whenever i like. We have an understanding, if we want another person then only if the other half is there ing in. Our marriage and sex life has been incredible from day one with quite a few adventures! Wow I got the same relationship I love it.

Me the husband love watching her. We started our first time with a couple, then with a guy me just watching.

Wife wants to be a hotwife

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My wife wants to be a Hotwife